UCP (User Control Panel)

 New UCP (Settings) on Land Of Chaos

It’s extremely rare to turn-on and off options in-game, but not here, not in Land Of Chaos. Our Season 6 got Custom User Control Panel which is giving us possibilities to turn-on/off some in-game things and features.

Now easily you can set-up and auto-party, active your character into offline-leveling mode and much more.

Here’s the image how it looks:

Now some informations about buttons:

  • HP Bar – this option allow you to turn-on/off monsters HP-Bars
  • 3D Camera – just hit the button to active 3D Camera
  • 3D Camera reset – default settings of camera will come back when hit
  • Effects – turn-on/off special effects like blur, anti-alsing, tron-glow
  • Fog – turn-on/off fog effect (depth of field like effect)
  • Time – turn-on/off in-game timer (shown in left bottom corner)
  • OffEXP – easily active offline-leveling for your character (with settings)
  • Pack Jewels – pack custom jewels with this button (with settings)
  • Party Search – you can setup your own auto-party (with settings)

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