Party Lobby & Settings

 Party Master (Lobby) and settings

Land Of Chaos invited the Party Master NPC. Party Master NPC is custom “party lobby” when you can find and even make own public party. You can join the parties from Lorencia bar, party master know where the party leader is so you can easily find him on any location.

Another great feature is that you can make you own public party with your own settings. You can setup requirements for your actuall needs.

Here’s how Party Master NPC lobby and how it looks like:

There’s multiple columns like:
player – the name of party leader, map – location where actually leader is farming, X & Y – coordinates for party, count – all players in party, “the warning marker” – you can see what are requirements for party join, join – button for joining to party

And here’s how party setting window looks like:

There’s multiple settings you can check like maximum level of player, only from your guild, only one class (same like you) or just settings for classes you need in your party for this moment.

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