OFF-EXP Module+

 Offline leveling advanced module

It’s extremely rare. Offline leveling module with custom panel and own settings? Yes, thats all is available on Land Of Chaos. Our Custom Leveling module is free for all, you don’t need to pay for using it using real money or codes.

The one and most important thing is that you need to pay once for using it, and what is the price? The price is Goblin Points which you’re getting every 30 minutes for beign active (1minute – 1 goblin point, payment once per 30 minutes).

Cost for OffEXP active: 400 GP-Points for every use

You can active OffExp by our new UCP Panel:

Here’s how our Offline leveling module looks like (Soul Master example):
Mind that every class got own skills so you can easily choose which to use

I think that’s so easy that i don’t need to write tutorial how to active it.
The most important thing is to setup the OffEXP, and hit “Start” button when you’re on spot with monsters.

Read more about User Control Panel


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