Dynamic PVP Event

 Dynamic PVP Event (Last Man Standing)

Event aims to fight in “Chaos Land” the renew “Silent Map”. Every player is fighting with each other, there’re no teams, parties or guilds. All-vs-All event is great way to collect HuntPoints.

You can join this event for free
Join event via “M” key (move panel)

Event will be started once a day
Player can get killed up to 10 times before knock-down
There’s 5 minutes cooldown and info. before event will be closed
There’s 1 minute cooldown before event start (PK Unlock)
There’s 8 minutes time to eliminate all rival players
There’s 2 minutes cooldown before event will close

• LMS [0-5 resets] (LastManStanding) 20:00
• LMS [5-10 resets] (LastManStanding) 20:15
• LMS [10-15 resets] (LastManStanding) 20:30
• LMS [15-20 resets] (LastManStanding) 20:45
• LMS [20-25 resets] (LastManStanding) 21:00
• LMS [25-30 resets] (LastManStanding) 21:15
• LMS [30-35 resets] (LastManStanding) 21:30
• LMS [35-40 resets] (LastManStanding) 21:45

Rewards for Winner:

Best player can get up to 400 HuntPoints


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