Everyday PVP-LastManStanding

 Last Man Standing Deathmatch

Complately reconfigured Event (8 sections of requirements)

Event Cooldown is for now setted up for 1 minute
Event Time is now setted up for 8 minutes
Event Close is now setted up for 2 minutes
You can join event under “M” key (free-enter)
Player can be killed 10 times before knock-down

As reward you can get our glarious HuntPoints (200 GP)

15 minutes cooldown before next-reset-stage!

LMS [0-5 resets] (LastManStanding) 20:00
LMS [5-10 resets] (LastManStanding) 20:15
LMS [10-15 resets] (LastManStanding) 20:30
LMS [15-20 resets] (LastManStanding) 20:45
LMS [20-25 resets] (LastManStanding) 21:00
LMS [25-30 resets] (LastManStanding) 21:15
LMS [30-35 resets] (LastManStanding) 21:30
LMS [35-40 resets] (LastManStanding) 21:45


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