Moss the Items Lottery

 Moss Lottery Event

Moss will be avaible only for 10min. after appear

Moss is arriving at: 7.35 / 21.35 / 2.30 (for everyone)

Moss by default will appear only in Elbeland

Reconfigured gamble rate – more chance for low tiers (Dragon Sword), less chance for high tiers (Bone-Blade)

Added special Weapons (low gamble rate)

Axe: Chaos Dragon Axe
Spear: Brova
Staff: Chromatic Staff, Chaos Lighting Staff
Scepter: Striker Scepter
Bows/Crossbow: Aileen Bow, Chaos Nature Bow
Stick: Raven Stick

Added Jewels and special items chance (low gamble rate)

Jewels like: Jewel Of Skill, Jewel Of Hope, Jewel Of Growth, Jewel Of Forge, Jewel Of Optium
Jewels bundle packs (X10) like Jewel Of Bless, Jewel Of Soul, Jewel Of Life, Jewel Of Chaos
Extra items like: Empty Ancient Ring, Scrap Of Chaos Element, Chaos Reset Token


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