Weekly Activity Rewards

 Weekly Activity (Events) Rewards

Another great custom thing in our advanced Season 6. The new customs are comming with big steps and here’s another chance to show how active you are.

With new website we’re able to get most important informations about points in events, every active player can collect points by playing events like: Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle and beign Online in-game.

All rewards will be given automatically via website, so points will show in-game when “Weekly reward ranking” will end the week-turn.

You can get up to 300 HuntPoints (1st. place)
You can get 100 HuntPoints for 10-th place
There’s 20 points multiplier.

This rewards are giving for: Weekly Blood Castle Ranking, Weekly Devil Square Rankings, Weekly Chaos Castle Rankings, Weekly Online Status.

1st. place: 300 HuntPoints 
2nd. place: 280 HuntPoints
3rd. place: 260 HuntPoints
4th. place: 240 HuntPoints
5th. place: 220 HuntPoints
6th. place: 200 HuntPoints
7th. place: 180 HuntPoints
8th. place: 160 HuntPoints
9th. place: 140 HuntPoints
10th. place: 120 HuntPoints

Remember to check Rankings how it’s going:



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