Everyday PVP-LastManStanding

 Last Man Standing Deathmatch

Complately reconfigured Event (8 sections of requirements)

Event Cooldown is for now setted up for 1 minute
Event Time is now setted up for 8 minutes
Event Close is now setted up for 2 minutes
You can join event under “M” key (free-enter)
Player can be killed 10 times before knock-down

As reward you can get our glarious HuntPoints (200 GP)

15 minutes cooldown before next-reset-stage!

LMS [0-5 resets] (LastManStanding) 20:00
LMS [5-10 resets] (LastManStanding) 20:15
LMS [10-15 resets] (LastManStanding) 20:30
LMS [15-20 resets] (LastManStanding) 20:45
LMS [20-25 resets] (LastManStanding) 21:00
LMS [25-30 resets] (LastManStanding) 21:15
LMS [30-35 resets] (LastManStanding) 21:30
LMS [35-40 resets] (LastManStanding) 21:45


Refferal System and rewards

 Invite friends and get rewards!

From now you can invite friends and get rewards if objective will be done.

How to invite players? It’s easy. Just tell your friend that he need to type your nickname when registering new account.

All rewards needs to be managed via website, when “Reffered player” will complete an objective, you need to claim reward via account panel.

You can get 150 wCoins for every friend invited 

Q: What are requirements to invite friend:

You need to have atleast 1 reset

Q: When i’ll get my bonus points:

Invited player must make 5 resets to get points for inviting


Weekly Activity Rewards

 Weekly Activity (Events) Rewards

Another great custom thing in our advanced Season 6. The new customs are comming with big steps and here’s another chance to show how active you are.

With new website we’re able to get most important informations about points in events, every active player can collect points by playing events like: Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle and beign Online in-game.

All rewards will be given automatically via website, so points will show in-game when “Weekly reward ranking” will end the week-turn.

You can get up to 300 HuntPoints (1st. place)
You can get 100 HuntPoints for 10-th place
There’s 20 points multiplier.

This rewards are giving for: Weekly Blood Castle Ranking, Weekly Devil Square Rankings, Weekly Chaos Castle Rankings, Weekly Online Status.

1st. place: 300 HuntPoints 
2nd. place: 280 HuntPoints
3rd. place: 260 HuntPoints
4th. place: 240 HuntPoints
5th. place: 220 HuntPoints
6th. place: 200 HuntPoints
7th. place: 180 HuntPoints
8th. place: 160 HuntPoints
9th. place: 140 HuntPoints
10th. place: 120 HuntPoints

Remember to check Rankings how it’s going:



OFF-EXP Module+

 Offline leveling advanced module

It’s extremely rare. Offline leveling module with custom panel and own settings? Yes, thats all is available on Land Of Chaos. Our Custom Leveling module is free for all, you don’t need to pay for using it using real money or codes.

The one and most important thing is that you need to pay once for using it, and what is the price? The price is Goblin Points which you’re getting every 30 minutes for beign active (1minute – 1 goblin point, payment once per 30 minutes).

Cost for OffEXP active: 400 GP-Points for every use

You can active OffExp by our new UCP Panel:

Here’s how our Offline leveling module looks like (Soul Master example):
Mind that every class got own skills so you can easily choose which to use

I think that’s so easy that i don’t need to write tutorial how to active it.
The most important thing is to setup the OffEXP, and hit “Start” button when you’re on spot with monsters.

Read more about User Control Panel


Party Lobby & Settings

 Party Master (Lobby) and settings

Land Of Chaos invited the Party Master NPC. Party Master NPC is custom “party lobby” when you can find and even make own public party. You can join the parties from Lorencia bar, party master know where the party leader is so you can easily find him on any location.

Another great feature is that you can make you own public party with your own settings. You can setup requirements for your actuall needs.

Here’s how Party Master NPC lobby and how it looks like:

There’s multiple columns like:
player – the name of party leader, map – location where actually leader is farming, X & Y – coordinates for party, count – all players in party, “the warning marker” – you can see what are requirements for party join, join – button for joining to party

And here’s how party setting window looks like:

There’s multiple settings you can check like maximum level of player, only from your guild, only one class (same like you) or just settings for classes you need in your party for this moment.

Read more about Party System and Experiance


UCP (User Control Panel)

 New UCP (Settings) on Land Of Chaos

It’s extremely rare to turn-on and off options in-game, but not here, not in Land Of Chaos. Our Season 6 got Custom User Control Panel which is giving us possibilities to turn-on/off some in-game things and features.

Now easily you can set-up and auto-party, active your character into offline-leveling mode and much more.

Here’s the image how it looks:

Now some informations about buttons:

  • HP Bar – this option allow you to turn-on/off monsters HP-Bars
  • 3D Camera – just hit the button to active 3D Camera
  • 3D Camera reset – default settings of camera will come back when hit
  • Effects – turn-on/off special effects like blur, anti-alsing, tron-glow
  • Fog – turn-on/off fog effect (depth of field like effect)
  • Time – turn-on/off in-game timer (shown in left bottom corner)
  • OffEXP – easily active offline-leveling for your character (with settings)
  • Pack Jewels – pack custom jewels with this button (with settings)
  • Party Search – you can setup your own auto-party (with settings)

Read more about Party Master NPC (Parties lobby)
Read more about Custom Jewels
Read more about Offline-leveling mode